"Burning fossil fuels for electricity generation is the single greatest source of air pollution in the United States."

-Union of Concerned Scientists

Our Products

Clean Energy: Our solution begins with solar panels, a windmill, or both.  These are not bulky, inefficient eyesores from decades past.  Technological advances have not only afforded us greater efficiency, but smaller, sleeker, more attractive designs as well.

Steady Power: Energy from the wind or sun is stored in a bank of batteries and converted into a steady supply of electricity for your home or business.  We house these components securely in a small unit built to coordinate with your home or building.

Monitoring: Our monitoring service is available with every type of installation. We install a small computer that gathers data from various sensors and sends performance reports to a web database.  Not only will you know your system's health, it also pages your installer immediately if it detects a potential problem, giving you added security and peace of mind.

Green Tag and Tax Incentives: Our staff works hard to provide access to governmental and privately offered tax breaks, low-interest loans, and grants to make clean energy even more affordable to our consumers.