"Burning fossil fuels for electricity generation is the single greatest source of air pollution in the United States."

-Union of Concerned Scientists

The Benefits of Alternative Energy

The Cost of Conventional Energy: At current rates, the average household will spend $42,0001 on electric bills over thirty years. In retrospect, prices have quadrupled in the past thirty years2, and will continue to rise as our non-renewable resources become depleted.

Grid anomalies cost American consumers and businesses an estimated eighty billion dollars annually3.

Every kilowatt-hour of electricity fueled by coal creates twenty-four pounds4 of pollution that contribute to smog, haze, and increasingly unpredictable and dangerous weather patterns.

The Benefits of GreenSun: Protect your electronic equipment with steady power.  Say goodbye to blackouts, sags, spikes, and power surges.  Enjoy current and increasing tax benefits and Green Tag energy discounts available to households and businesses that utilize renewable energy.

Know your system.  Our monitoring service and database provide performance data to you and your installer.
 Make a difference.  By using clean energy, you will help the environment and lead the way for others to do the same.